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The webpages I created for activities and events in the past



From text editor to EverWeb

EverWeb is the application I used to build this latest version of my website. The main reason for buying it is to use my time more for maintenance and updates efficiently without having to worry about the code behind it.

In the late ninetees of the previous century  I created the first website using the online tools of and email by Yahoo.

At that time I was using an Atari computer.

My first private domain was but since eu domains became available I changed to my current:

From this Archive page you will be able to view some of the old pages that are still running onder my domain!

2010-2016: .php and MySql

It was in late 2009 that I started to learn how to use php and MySql. I was looking for a way to manage the many pictures I take during my travels easier.

The photo information (like date, name, subject) was stored in a MySql database and the php logic was grouping that in albums by year.

The first page created using this new technology is from 2010 about my 8 day hike in the Western Desert in Egypt.

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2012-2014: Homepage

A long page with summaries starting with my activities in Dubai and Saudi Arabia early 2012. After that a project in Austria, Croatia and Slovenia.

2013 was the year of the 4 day marches in Alkmaar with my sister Vera: 40 kilometers each day in and around that city.

At the end of 2013 I worked in the Philippines and Vietnam and took the opportunity to take a 3 week 'backpack' tour in Vietnam from south to north.

Also on this page some stories about work and hiking in Russia, Greece and Bulgaria!



                                      4 day hikes

                                      in Alkmaar

For her sixtiest birthday my sister Vera wanted do do something special.

In fact she wanted to do the 4 day hikes in Nijmegen but as I was unlucky in the draw. for access to the event we did Alkmaar instead.

2010 Bartlesville, Oklahoma

What did I do wrong?

After world cities like Hong Kong, Shanghai and Paris I ended up working on a project in the middle of nowhere?

Believe it or not: I had a great time working in Bartlesville, Oklahoma with a good colleagues and local team that I still call friends today!

The highlight of that stay in the US was my 5 day hike in the Grand Canyon!.


2012 Middle East and Russia

During my free time in Dubai I visited many places in the Emirates and believe it or not: I enjoyed the dry desert heat!

To work in Tuapse and Novorossyisk on the Russian side of the Black Sea I hat to fly through Moscow where I saw the only snow of that year!

2004 Singapore

In May and in July I was several weeks in the city that I first discovered in 1973 as a 19 year old apprentice to join the Shell Tanker s.s. Kopionella!

It was great to visit the Botanical Gardens and the river area but

also to discover some

nature parks like the

Wetlands in the north.


2003 - 2007

Amazing travels and places!

The link from this textbox brings you to a combination of pages about travel and work in New York, Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong and China.

Use the Archive menu option on those pages to return to this page or navigate between the pages through the other menu options.


2003 New York and cross-country drive to San Francisco

Traveling to New York for work and falling in live with the Big Apple.

After a weekend with the kids in NYC my daughter Shaula and I drove in a rented motorhome via Washington, Niagara Falls, Yellowstone Park, Grand Canyon and Las Vegas to San Francisco!

2001 Czech vacation

Family vacation in the Chech Republic with my wife and son Yoram. Three weeks of camping, cycling and hiking as well as enjoying the cheap food and drinks!

This was the first time that I maintained my vacation diary online and that ways started my online collection of travel stories and photo albums.

2002 My Parent's 50th Wedding anniversary

In August this year my parents celebrated their 50th weddinge anniversary.

In the afternoon family and friends joined them at a restaurant in Ede to celebrate and enjoy a bufet dinner.


2002-2003 BOSS OTC core team

Since early January 2002 I work in a global software implementation team for SGS. SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company.

From July 2002 until April 2003 the team worked on the implementation in the Netherlands and I created several linked webpages about the work en events with the team.

All stories and pictures are made by me but as there are so many collegues in those pictures I decided to place them in a secure area. Please use this link to ask me for a username and password.