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South West Coast Path

In June 2016 I took a week off to hike 7 sections of this trail in Cornwall, UK, together with a hiking friend.

Rounding Land's End, the most Western point of England, was my personal goal to achieve. In the 1970's I have done so on board of several Shell Tankers.

Starting from Perranporth on the Atlantic coast we walked in a South-Westerly direction to Land's End for 5 days and from there along the Channel coast in an Easterly direction for 2 days.


Another day on the path

At the end of June was back 2 weeks in Cornwall for work and on the Saturday walked another track of the South West Coast Path from Porthleven to Lizard Point.


Riding a bicycle in New York City

With the bikeways on the waterfront, bike lanes in the streets, bridges and city parks  riding a bicycle is New York City is a great experience!

I rented a sports bicycle complete with helmet and lock plus mapholder and bag on the handlebar at Blazing Saddles on Pier 84 at the Hudson River.

I rode the bike to Brooklyn and Coney Island and off course through Central Park!


9/11 Memorial and One WTC

This was my first visit to New York City since the 9/11 Memoril Museum and the One World Observatory on the new World Trade Center One building were opened

Having seen the WTC area 2 years after the desaster in September 2001 I was impressed with the memorial museum.

The One World Observatory was like another city view from a high building but you have to go there for great views of Manhattan!


Hoboken and Liberty Park

A day full of memories when I crossed the Huson River by ferry to North Hoboken (New Jersey) and walked through Washington Street where I stayed in 2003.

I continued to walk to Liberty Park but as there was no way to go up the Statue of Liberty (all tickets sold out) I decided to take the ferry back to World Financial Center and walk back to the hotel

Highline and Manhattan

The Highline Park on top of an old elevated railway track was an amazing new attraction in New York City for me.

The first two days of my visit to the city I enjoyed long walks on the Hudson and East River waterfronts as well as through Central Park.

The little parks on Braodway and 6th Avenue were my favourite place close to the hotel to relax with a coffee and read my newspaper.


Maarten van Rossum path

Following the tracks of a 16th century warlord and his army the long distance hiking trail shows many different side of the Netherlands.

I did the first hike in 2008 and only in 2019 the last of the 384 kilometers!


Peru and Inka Trail

In November 2019 I made my first trip for work to Lima in Peru and immediately I started to plan a visit to the Inka heritage of Machu Picchu.

During my second visit in January 2020 I flew to the city of Cusco in the Andes mountains and did the 4 day Inka Trail.


Unesco World Heritage Waterlinie

Around Amsterdam and throught the province of Utrecht the Dutch build many defence lines making use of fortresses, canals and lands to be flooded.

At the beginning of the 20th century they became obsolete with the invention of modern wapens like aircraft and tanks.

The constructions are still there and maintained as heritage.

The long distance trail Waterliniepad gives hikers a unique view of many places.