Three weeks in this clean and modern city with amazing food

Seoul - work, history and Food!

Working and traveling in Seoul from February 7th to 25th, 2017


Food, Food and Food!

While I start writing down my experiences about Seoul I am still not clear whether or not I should make a special photo album with all the pictures of the great food I had in Seoul.

But whatever I do most important is to say a big Thank You! to my colleague Sunny Park who took me out for lunches or dinners in so many different simple and special restaurants.

She also teached me about habits and how to eat the dishes or serve and drink the Soju (happy water)!

It made me give her the title of honour: Sunny my Food Buddy!

Often Koreans bbq at the table and the meat is than wrapped in a salad leave with spices and sauce and eaten after a sip of the Soju.


Daily Commuting

One of the things I liked about my stay in Seoul were the daily walks to and from the office. It was mostly light freezing weather and the only day I experieced rain I was traveling by metro to another office.

It was an easy 3.2 kilometer walk and in front of the Seoul Train Station I took an underground passage to cross the busy Hangang raod.

See the photo album of the

daily commute between hotel and office,


Seoul City Present and Past

Having been a capital and residence of the royal family in ancient times Seoul is full of history. I see it everey time when I look out of my hotel room there is the Sungnyemun gate that was once part of the city fortifications.

Furthermore there are several palace complexes and the old Bukchon area with traditional houses.

The present is experienced every day with a great public transport system (busses, metro and trains) but also main roads between the skyscrapers with 3 lanes in both directions.

During my stay I experienced 3 massive demonstrations on Saturdays where young and old Koreans protested in favor of the impeachment process against the current president.

See the photo album of the  walk around the city with Bukchon and the Changdeokgung palace,



Sumon is a town south of Seoul where in early 1700 king Jeongjo build a fortress and palace and moved the royal family to reign the country from there.

Now the fortress walls are wel restored and are a great place for a walk and start to discover the city. Sunny was my great tour guide that Saturday riding the train, walking and off course enjoying food!


Namsan Park and Seoul Tower

Seoul or Namsan Tower on top of the Namsam mountain in the heart of the city dominates the view from many locations.

So from day one it was not the question if I would walk up there but when.

For sure I will advise every visitor of the city to take the time and find one of the many tracks (stairs) that lead to the top. Not always easy but in the end the mountain is only about 260 metres high and the view are worth the effort.

On the way down and back to my hotel I walked through the Meyongdong shopping area and over the Namdaemun market.

Both nice and crowded on a Sunday afternoon.

See the photo album of the

Suwon Fortress and City walk.

See the photo album of the

Namsan Park and Seoul City walk.