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South West Coast Path

In April 2016 I took a week off to hike 7 sections of this trail in Cornwall, UK, together with a hiking friend.

Rounding Land's End, the most Western point of England, was my personal goal to achieve. In the 1970's I have done so on board of several Shell Tankers.

Starting from Perranporth on the Atlantic coast we walked in a South-Westerly direction to Land's End for 5 days and from there along the Channel coast in an Easterly direction for 2 days.



Under this menu my travel, hiking and other activities will be grouped and most items on this home page will link to these pages by just clicking on them.

Living in The Hague

In 2012 I created the My Horizon page with the 270 degrees view from my living room. But as the city is almost constantly changing an additional page is under construction to view these changes in My Horizon.

New site layout

After many years of maintaining a fixed width webite it is time for a new challenge. With viewers using computers, tablets and mobile phones the site needs to be responsive to the size of the viewing device. These feature will be added later.

It took some time to select and learn a new editing tool and it will take more time to include an achive with my older pages and photo albums. I hope visitors will enjoy the changes made so far as much as I do!

The menu's at the top of the pages now include dropdown lists for improved navigation. The album pages are shown as image slider with an automatic slideshow.


Another day on the SWC path

At the end of June was back 2 weeks in Cornwall for work and on the Saturday walked another track of the South West Coast Path from Porthleven to Lizard Point.


Riding a bicycle in New York City

With the bikeways on the waterfront, bike lanes in the streets, bridges and city parks  riding a bicycle is New York City is a great experience!

I rented a sports bicycle complete with helmet and lock plus mapholder and bag on the handlebar at Blazing Saddles on Pier 84 at the Hudson River.

I rode the bike to Brooklyn and Coney Island and off course through Central Park!


9/11 Memorial and One WTC

This was my first visit to New York City since the 9/11 Memoril Museum and the One World Observatory on the new World Trade Center One building were opened

Having seen the WTC area 2 years after the desaster in September 2001 I was impressed with the memorial museum.

The One World Observatory was like another city view from a high building but you have to go there for great views of Manhattan!


Hoboken and Liberty Park

A day full of memories when I crossed the Huson River by ferry to North Hoboken (New Jersey) and walked through Washington Street where I stayed in 2003.

I continued to walk to Liberty Park but as there was no way to go up the Statue of Liberty (all tickets sold out) I decided to take the ferry back to World Financial Center and walk back to the hotel

Highline and Manhattan

The Highline Park on top of an old elevated railway track was an amazing new attraction in New York City for me.

The first two days of my visit to the city I enjoyed long walks on the Hudson and East River waterfronts as well as through Central Park.

The little parks on Braodway and 6th Avenue were my favourite place close to the hotel to relax with a coffee and read my newspaper.

India, work and trains

January 2017 started with a trip to Mumbai in India to assist colleagues with Go-Life support.

It inmediately came up in my mind that I wanted to visit an old colleague and friend in the south of the country for which I was able to take some time off before flying to Seoul, South Korea for the next job.

The big challenge for that time off was how to travel from Mumbai to my friend's farm in Tamil Nadu.


Indian trainride and Tamil Nadu

After some weeks of exitement finally the day arrived to ride the train south from Mumbai!

37 hours past bye so quickly before I met Ramesh at Tirunelveli Junction and had 2 relaxing days experiencing the farm life.

Return to Mumbai was a 4 hrs drive in the early morning to Thiruvananthapuram Airport in Kerala followed by a 2 hours flight.

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Seoul, South Korea

After visiting India another project for work took me to Seoul to assist a colleague for 3 weeks. What I will never forget about that visit is the variety and quality of Korean food and spices I enjoyed.

I was happy that a stay like this also allows me to visit places in and around the city during the weekends. In clear freezing weather with maily blue sky's I was able to see some of the Korean history and walk around this in this buzzing town.


Sao Paulo, Brazil

Since May 9th 2017 I am working from Sao Paulo as member of the Brazilian Implementation project.

On July 29th I took the train from Antonio Joao Station for my first visit to downtown Sao Paulo to join the Paulista free walking tour.


Sao Paulo Old Downtown

As I enjoyed the Paulista walk I decided to discover the old and current downtown Sao Paulo with another Free Walking Tour.

This tour runs from the Republica Square and circle's around streets and buildings up to the Monastry of Sao Bento.

After the tour I walked with 2 others to the Mercado Municipal where I bought fruit before taking the metro and train back.


Ibirapuera Park

Like almost every big city in the world also Sao Paulo has a big city park where many citizens relax during the weekend.

With my colleague Jose I walked around the park before going to his place for a BBQ!


Santana de Parnaiba & Paulista Skyline

Visiting the village Santana de Parnaiba just about 20 kilometers from the hotel in Alphaville followed by a visit to the SkyBar of the Unique Hotel watching the Skyline of Paulista Av.



Villa Madalena

This old village now a suburb of Sao Paulo is well known for the café-restaurants and nightlife but also the Beco de Batman alley with Grafittie and Street Art is close by.


Xingbo Canyon and Aracaju

My first trip outside Sao Paulo was also the first trip with an InterNations group.

On Friday I flew to Aracaju in the Sergipe state in the northeast of Brazil.

On Saturday we went on a bus/boat trip to the San Francisco river and on Sunday we explored the beaches of Aracaju in between the rain showers.

Green Hart of Holland

While I was home for 2 weeks in October I made a hike in the Dutch flat grasslands between Leiden and Alphen aan de Rijn.


Rio de Janeiro

When I asked my collegues Jesus and Danny if they wanted to do something for the weedkend we stayed together in Alphaville (SP) they immediately said Rio!

So on Friday we left after lunch in a rental car and drove back on Sunday afternoon.


Trail of the 7 Waterfalls

With the InterNations hiking group I went on a trip during the November 15th public holiday.

It was my first hike in the countryside of Sao Paulo state and although it was very tough for me I enjoyed it a lot and am looking forward to the next event!


Ilha do Cardoso

Island in the south of Sao Paulo state that became an ecological research area by state degree in 1962.

Several types of vegetation of the Atlantic Forest are found in the park and is considered one of the largest breeding grounds for marine species in the South Atlantic.

Peru for work and travels

In November 2019 I made a first trip to our offices in Lima, Peru for the start of a new project.

Hiking the Inka Trail in Peru to Machu Picchu has been on my bucketlist for a long time so immediately my mind started working to make this happen.

Read about it on the new page about my Peruvian and Chilean travels!


Waterlinie pad - LAW 17

In August 2019 I did the first hike on this long distance trail that is followung the late nineteen century defence lines around Amsterdam and in the province of Utrecht.

Now a UNESCO World Heritage site about engineering and warfare at that time

Woerden to Breukelen

A day hike with my sister.

We try to meet at least once a

month on a train station

somewhere in the country for

a hike, lunch, drinks and dinner.

Uithoorn Amsterdam

The plan was the Waterliniepad

but as the ferry was a few days

out of service we ended up in

Amsterdam after a beautiful hike

along the Amstel river and enjoyed a great Vietnamese dinner!


Maarten van Rossumpad

The whereabout of a warlord who took his army through the country while serving his masters the counts of Gelre in the 16th century was the model for this 384 km long distance hiking trail.

I did the first section in 2008 and the last in 2019. On this page I tried to recover my memories.


Waterliniepad Uithoorn to Abcoude

Another track of this long distance trail.