Overview of the 2017 albums

2017 Photo Albums

Daily commute from

Hotel to Office


Farm Life day2


Farm Life day1

Train Mumbai to


Ahmedabad City Hike


walk from office to hotel


100 Feet road walk

Indian dinner in the Renaissance hotel

Shops & Powai Lake

Mumbai by train

Namsan Park and

City Shopping

Suwon Fortress

Seoul old and new

City walk

Santana de Parnaiba

and nightlife

Ibarapuera Park and homemade bbq

Sao Paulo Old Town

free walking tour

Sao Paulo Paulista

free walking tour

Grand Prix F1

Sao Paulo

Rio de Janeiro

Xingbo and Aracaju

Sergipe state

SP Villa Madalena

free walking tour

Trail of the 7 waterfalls

Catuçaba (SP)

Cardoso Mud Bath

Cardoso Waterfall and Beach

CananEeia to

Ilha do Cardoso

Bicycle ride to Guarapiranga

Green Hart

of Holland

Ilha do Cardoso

back to Canaéia

Seoul Gyeongbokgung Palace

Seoul Food Compilation